For phone battery life, is it better to disable unused built in apps, or keep them fully updated?

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In the battery submenu in the settings page, the only way it confirms complete battery optimization is if all your built in apps are up to date and enabled. I would think, logically, if you disable an app, your battery would be forced to do less work. Apparently, the constant updates that those, mostly unused, apps preform are updates that are, in part, specifically for battery optimization.


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Feb 12, 2012
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1. If you "get out of an app" by pressing the Home button, the app is still running, using battery. Use the Back button when you're finished using an app.

2. Updating an app costs battery - your wifi or data radio is using it to download the updated version. My attitude is to turn off automatic updating and, if the app still does what I need it to do, I won't update it.

Nate Kelley1

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Nov 11, 2017
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I understand where you're coming from and that was my point of view on the subject until I was instructed to go to the battery setting and click the 3 dots at the top right of your screen, a dropbox is displayed with one of the options being "battery optimization."
When you click on this option, it will take you to a screen that displays every built in application that exists in your device, even disabled apps are included on this screen.
Basically, if the app has been updated to the most recent version available, besides a select few, they will be confirmed on being fully optimized for battery productivity. Any disabled app or app that is an older version than the most recent upgrade will be listed as an app that is not maximizing your batteries overall productivity.