For those on the fence about the N9 and its price. Samsung tab pro 8.4 $199.99 at BB today


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Dec 21, 2012
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I tried the N9 and while my unit had no problems with bleed and squishy back I didn't like the quality control on the buttons which were almost indented vs sticking out. Couldn't use a variety of my apps and found the size tiresome to hold as an ereader after an hour or so. Took it back and bought the Tab pro 8.4 and loving it. Touchwiz to me is no big deal and everything is speedy no lag whatsoever. Totally adjusted to the in place capacitive buttons and much prefer the 16:9 size vs 4:3 and that little bit smaller footprint than the N9 makes it super easy to hold.

You cannot beat the price. $199.99 today at BestBuy early BF sale. They gave me $50.00 back as I paid $249.99 on Nov 7th and I bought a second one to gift. Lots of stock as the store near me got in 50 units for the BF sale. Two for the price of the N9

Also talked to the sales guy about how sales were on the N9 and he said there was not a lot of interest compared to the Ipad and they had seen a number of returns. In his words "more than we normally see on a new tablet" The only returns he himself had handled were complaints about lag and the light bleed. He had not seen any units with a squishy back. He believes the lag in most cases was do to apps not yet ready for 5.0.

Anyway those happy with N9 great and those that think it is overpriced the tab 8.4 is a good alternative.


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Sep 27, 2014
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I bought a second nexus 9 and this one is day, where the other was night. No light bleed, everything works, and the keyboard is completely awesome...I'm glad I bought it.

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