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Forgot phone password galaxy grand 2 duos


AC Question

Hi! I forgot the pin password for my Galaxy Grand 2 (not for the sim). I´ve read other forums and most of them say "Forgot Password" should be a option when you type your pin incorrect 5 times. But I cant see that option, and im not connected to wifi? I dont wanna reset my phone and delete all data bc i have soo many pictures someone help please

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! How did you forget the PIN? Did you just change it or something? Perhaps you could bring the phone to your wireless store and see if they can help.

Dusica Brzakovic

New member
Nov 21, 2015
When I forgot my password? Honestly, I was pissed off with intruders and changed my password, did not remember it (I was out of myself), so when my phone asked me again I couldn’t enter PIN. I don’t want to reset my phone and delete all data. Help me please.


Co-Ambassador Team Lead
Jun 10, 2014
Welcome as a new member. :)

You may be able to reset the PIN via Android Device Manager, using a PC or laptop.