Forgotten my Note 4 pin and Google account, how can I get into my phone?


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Forgotten my note 4 pin and google account

Hi there
Someone tried to open my Note 4 more than one time, it was locked by fingerprint, now it's locked and don't ask for fingerprint just asks for the Backup PIN which i can't remember.
I can't use Android Device Manager cause i have forgotten my Google Account Plus the phone is not connected to internet by SIM or Wi-Fi.
I have tried Aroma File Manager from recovery mode but it refuses to install and says ' failed to verify ' or something like that !
any one could help with another solution ?! there is very important files, Notes, Contacts and files in this phone which i don't wanna lose,, please help with any method but without resting it and losing all data.


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Jun 10, 2014
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Re: Forgotten my note 4 pin and google account

I think your best bet is to try hypnosis as a way of recovering your backup password and/or Google account details from your memory, if the data is valuable enough to justify the cost.