Former iphone, Blackberry, and now a Android user.


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Sep 29, 2011
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My Blackberry Torch broke on me and at the time I didn't have the money to get a one so I decided to buy a Lg Thrive to tide me over till I saved up enough money or when it was time for me to upgrade to get me another Blackberry. Long story short I am never going back to Blackberry (I had the same reaction when I went from the 3gs to my 9800). It maybe a low end android device but this little phone is out of this world. I thought I wouldn't get my emails as quick and I was wrong about that. I thought this thing would eat the battery up and I was wrong about that. I thought these things were a toy (just like my stupid 3g and 3gs) and I was wrong about that. I am not app crazy or anything but many of the apps I have installed on this thing have been free and super useful. I find it to be easy to use and for what I paid for it I feel like I stole the damn thing. I have never been this fascinated with a cell phone and I mean NEVER. One other thing that has me hooked is widgets and live wallpapers! Holy sh%tballs widgets and live wallpapers are awesome! I have even convinced the Mrs.(which didn't take long) to make the switch. I finally feel like I have a phone that is worth using and when I am able to upgrade Lg Thrill here I come. But I feel like I am babbling so I will end it here. :D