Forums quieting as Androids proliferate


Jul 25, 2010
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Has anyone noticed the super-excitement of the Android operating system and the advent of the first few Droids last summer is pretty much gone now?

Looking at the very long list of android-based smartphones and (now) tablets on the market - most introduced in the last few months - it's almost an overwhelming selection. Seems it wasn't so long ago that it was BlackBerry, iPhone or nada.

Now, however, OMG! The choices! And the parallels between them all make choices almost arbitrary. Seems like a major transition is taking place right in front of us.

It was predicted many years ago that all the electronic devices would eventually meld together and, if you look around, we're not too far from that now. Where are we headed? What's next?
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Jul 2, 2010
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The nice thing is that manufacturers need to differentiate their products to make them appealing. Once they do this successfully, in a generation or two it becomes tablestakes and they have to keep giving us new features. It makes the pace of development much faster, but it also keeps Androids ahead of everyone else. This generation do you want Motorola's webtop? LG's 3D display? Dual core? LTE? Something else? Next generations' features may be quad core processors, ultra-high resolution displays, new battery technology, and stuff we don't have a clue about now.

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Oct 19, 2010
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I see the inactivity in the forums too. I think you nailed the issue on its head: The advent of more devices. The fandom has simply spread across the horizon to new frontiers. Take the Thunderbolt forum, it was lit up like a Christmas tree a few nights ago and that phone isn’t even out yet.

Now if I had my choice of new features on a phone it would simply be a massive 7” to 9” full HD 1080p display with a stock fully industry supported media player for any and all video file formats and codecs. So pretty much a next generation tablet that can handle phone calls.

And Micro SDXC support for up to 2TB!

I would also appreciate some continuity in the form factors of manufactures phones. So batteries, cases, docks, and whatnot could be transferred from the first gen to the next.

I have a futuristic vision that all mobile devices will work without batteries and wireless antennae and transponders. Power and all data will be teleported through stabilized naturally occurring micro wormholes from you home computer to your portable device. No limit in range, no lag, no dead battery, no limit to capacity of storage, it would just be a screen with a small GPU and CPU to handle U/I.


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Feb 19, 2010
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Agreed, with the multiple devices i only really check out the DX, applications, and wallpaper posts (i am also guilty of still reading some of the OG Droid ones)


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May 5, 2010
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The Thunderbolt section is hilarious. There is so much speculation, rumor, and frustration over there about when the phone is coming out and why it's being's fun reading if you have some down time.