Found Inexpensive Awesome Looking Case & Glass Screen protector (that works!!)

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May 21, 2015
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Spent a good deal viewing many reviews on cases/glass screen protectors and trying out many products. My requirements: Great looking case that does not add bulk and still provides protection to the Note 8. As for screen protector: it had to be glass (because of S-Pen) and have good touch response to screen. And all of this, I DID NOT want to spend a fortune on these products.

Well, I found a good combination with a generic branded (OEAGO) case that is the same as Olixar offers as the Sentinel. This case is very glass screen protector friendly. As a matter of fact, this case is very unique in the way they have designed the lip all around the edge of the front glass. It is slightly raised allowing a glass screen protector to be tucked under this lip. This is $4.97 @ Amazon. It is a great looking case and has adequate protection for the phone. I've already dropped my phone and did not get damaged.

The most difficult search was the glass screen protector. There is the full adhesive made by Whitestone Dome that has had great reviews, but at $45 each, I'll pass. The glass screen protectors with only edge adhesive have now improved considerably, but you have to find one that has precise fit to ensure it sits on top of the screen. This is where it gets tricky ... and while many look very similar, they are NOT. For example, The MagGlass XT90 looks very similar to the one that finally worked for me (ZAGG Invisible Shield Curve Note 8), but when I installed the MagGlass glass protector on the Note 8, it was awefull. Touch responsiveness was maybe 50-60% on key presses that were acknowledged ... Anyway, I purchased the Invisible Shield Curve ($25.99)t and this worked great. The responsiveness is as if I did not have the screen protector. Total, I spent was around $31 and the Zagg glass protector comes with a lifetime warranty.

To find the products, do the following serch:

search in amazon for the following: "Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Shamo's Armor Case TPU Carbon Fiber Black" ... find the one that is $4.97

search in ebay for the following term: "zagg invisibleshield glass curve screen protector samsung galaxy note 8 s8 s8[/URL]" ... I found one seller that had these for $25.99

Hope this helps you ... sorry, but it did not let me include a product link as part of the description


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