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Jun 8, 2012
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Hey everyone,

We recently released a fun and very clever application for the Android market called YouBubbs. The application allows you to place things that you or other people say into text bubbles and share them along with a photo or pre-designed avatar known as a Bubba.

We noticed that on Facebook and other social networks, people are constantly updating their statuses with funny and profound things that people say ? spoken word. We also realized that there were a myriad of ways to take and share photos, but really ? short of video ? no quick and simple way to capture the conversations, quotable words and funny one-liners that accompany them. And so YouBubbs was born. Bubbs being short for text or speech bubbles.

YouBubbs offers an array of possibilities, limited only by creativity. In addition to capturing words and moments, users are able to create their own cartoons, personalized memes and so on.

Other notable features of the app include:

? Bridges the gap between still image (photo) and video
? Enhances Facebook and Twitter status updates
? Drag and drop functionality; highly customizable
? One-click sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Email
? Nice compliment to Instagram-created photos

Photo editing apps often have text bubble options built-in, but it can be a tedious and complex process to find and add these to your photos. Text bubbles are usually an afterthought, a secondary add-on. YouBubbs is not a photo editor. It?s not about creating pretty pictures. It?s about raw moments that involve spoken word and being able to quickly and easily capture these moments. We?ve pulled out a very valuable and fun secondary add-on and placed it on center stage.

YouBubbs is available free through the Android Market on Google Play ? all locations worldwide ? and Amazon Appstore ? US only. The app works on all phones and tablets running Android version 1.6 and above. Future plans include an enhanced paid version and release into the Apple iOS market.

Would love your feedback and thoughts and ideas for improvement. Thanks!

Crystal Ponti
Co-Founder, YouBubbs

Follow us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/#!/YouBubbs
Like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/YouBubbs
Check out our YouTube channel at: YouBubbs - YouTube
Visit our website: YouBubbs | YouBubbs

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