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Jul 25, 2012
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inViu routes is the most comprehensive GPS Android app available in the market today! It's free and ad-free!

Use this app to:
- record travelled routes
- save POIs
- take GPS photos
- set location-based reminders
- use your phone as a GPS tracking device
- track assets, people, and pets

inViu routes allows users to record travel routes just like a GPS device using an off-the-shelf Android phone. Users can add other inViu routes mobile users and GPS devices to track on their phone. The tracked mobile phones and routes can be viewed as well on inViu web, a free web-based smartphone and asset tracking software. This app allows users to find locations on OpenStreetMap, set geofences, and take photos with embedded GPS coordinates that could be assigned to certain Points of Interest (POIs) or routes. The geo-notes feature incorporates text and voice reminders to specific geofences, allowing users to create location-based notifications. Routes, POIs, and photos can be emailed as a map image, GPX, or KML file to share with friends and family. Routes, POIs, and photos can also be shared through any other installed app on the user?s phone, including social media apps.

This software will attract travel, geocaching, and outdoor sport enthusiasts as it can record favourite trip routes and save POIs with exact GPS coordinates along those routes. On-the-go users can benefit from geo-notes as it can be effectively used for location-based reminders. As tracking software, it can be particularly useful for families, allowing them to keep a close eye on children, seniors, and pets to monitor their safety. Family members equipped with an Android phone with inViu routes can be easily monitored as their GPS coordinates will show in real time on inViu web. Anyone with an account or subaccount can access the online software.

Available for free download on Google Play:

For more information, please visit ENAiKOON - professional telematics - ?home.