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Mar 9, 2014
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The is a great idea. I'm a Londoner myself who commutes allot and I usually need to catch the last tube home for work in the morning after a night out. Unfortunately there isn't a functioning app on the android platform that solves this niche. On IOS there are tons of apps that tell you the last tube home.

I have downloaded this app and I'll tell you what I think based on an example scenario.

Going from and Heading to .. is a confusing search concept because say for example if I want to
.. catch the last tube home from Old Street to Archway then it states "23:42" ... however if I put in Holloway road as my heading to station then it states "23:44" ... so my question is what difference would it make on the last tube time? It's clearly inaccurate as the first option is 23:42 and the second is 23:44. There can only be one certain time that is the last tube regardless of what station it goes to within zones 1-9 right ? so that's why the search is confusing.

Also when I type in old street to .. a hub station like kings cross. The results lead to an error: <h1>Internal Server Error</h1>
I think theres some issues with the code and the app needs a huge revamp.

I think the user interface is very basic and looks tacky. When inputting a station and then you have to press the delete key constantly to erase the text field its annoying.

Try have a look at MXTube Map for Android. There user interface is intuitive and very professional.

The reminders option is excellent. It would truly make it an excellent app but with the inaccurate and inconsistent timings and not to mention the functionality being half complete - it really needs a refresh. I'm sure by word of mouth and a bit of marketing the app will be the next big thing for Android seeing as it covers a niche.

It's just my constructive criticism and the only reason why I passed it on to you is because I use this app but i've resorted to using the PDF files provided by TFL. Until the app is fully functional I will be using them but looking forward to it being revamped.

Let me know what your response is regarding my comments. cheers

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