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Aug 24, 2013
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Call Filter Alarm - Choose who can wake you!

Do you use your smartphone as alarm? Do you want only certain people to contact you while sleeping?
If you simply leave your smartphone turned on, you risk that anybody can wake you up, or... you use Call Filter Alarm!

Using this innovative app, you can define all the alarms you need with the possibility to specify, for every single alarm, who can call you, shutting up all other calls / sms notifications and intelligently manage wifi activation / deactivation, data usage, offline mode.

How it works:
- Define the alarm
- Choose who can call you (if needed)
- Before going to sleep, enable sleep mode

Your phone will ring only for who you decided. Other calls / sms will happen in silent mode and you will be able to see them as lost when you will wake up.
I think it may be useful for who, for example, works the night shift or is often away from home and wants to be able to receive, while sleeping, only calls from his dear ones.

In addition to the particular call and sms filters feature, using Call Filter Alarm you can:

- Intelligently manage wifi activation / deactivation, data usage, offline mode, silent mode with a single button: the sleep mode
- Personalize sleep mode as you want
- Set tone, volume and vibration for allowed call and allowed sms
- Set volume, volume increment, snooze, tone (music or ringtone), vibration for every single alarm in addition to application level
- Daily alarm repetition
- Incremental alarm volume
- Multilanguage (English and Italian now available)

It's simple, immediate and extremely effective.

Call Filter Alarm is available in english and italian, has been downloaded 5900+ times and its current average rating is 4.7/5 (105 ratings)

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For more informations and download:
Call Filter Alarm - Play Store

Play Store not available or looking for alternative markets? No problem! Call Filter Alarm is everywhere!
Call Filter Alarm - Opera Market
Call Filter Alarm - Moborobo Store

Please feel free to check it out and let me know if you have suggestions, comments or simply if you like it!
Thank you! :)



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