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Oct 18, 2021
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Welcome to the innovation of new offline car race game with latest graphics and stunting features. This is one of the top speed and fastest car race game with new racing experience. If you are crazy about car racing games and want to have a lot of funs with craziness then try this racing game. The car chases one after another. “Chase Me” means just chase me. Are you excited? Yes Chase me is a super-fast chasing game developed by infox technology in August 31, 2021. Chase Me is an android racing game with 10 different levels to play. We can select a car from multiple selections. It has many interesting features and we have to avoid the obstacles and overtake other cars to collect the coins to race to the finish line. This is a single player game and the player has to collect at least 2 stars to advance to the next level. After completion of every level the next level will be automatically unlocked. Also the next level has different locations. You can race in highway roads, streets, mountain roads, snow fields etc. You can also drive inside the car to the endless race and environment. In every level there is different realistic sound tracks are available. This game is very easy to learn and play. The graphics in this game will wonder you. This is the first version of chase me game. The upcoming versions are featuring your favourite hot. This absolutely a free game and you can download it from Google play store and play in offline. Infox technologies open a new level of gaming experience through their latest exciting games that will click a spark in the gaming industry and the players. Check out our cool and awesome car racing games.
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