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Dec 9, 2015
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Allah Clock Widget

Allahu Akbar! Praise the one and only God of the Islamic religion with this “Allah alarm clock widget”! Allah Clock Widget brings you ten beautifully designed clock skins inspired by Islam! Praise the Muslim religion and show your devotion to Allah by setting your analog clock to these “beautiful widgets”! Combine “Allah pictures” with different hands and digits to get the most beautiful “Islamic clocks”! Make a perfect “Islamic theme” for your phone and tablet by combining lovely “Allah clock widgets” with your favorite backgrounds of Islam! Have a constant reminder of the Five Pillars of Islam on your home screen by watching these simple analog clocks! This “custom analog clock widget” will help you find your inner peace and bliss whenever you look at your screen! Download these free Islamic clock widgets and cherish your religious beliefs!
How to set the clock widget:
This free widget lets you “make your own clock widget” by choosing your favorite clock skins, hands and numbers!
First, you have to ADD the “clock widget” to your home screen!
Depending on your device, you should scroll down to MENU and press the ADD button, or long press on the empty space on your screen until the pop-up window labeled ADD TO HOME SCREEN comes out.
At first, you will be given five clock faces, while the rest of them will be unlocked over the next five days.
Select from ten “free Islamic clocks”, amazing designs, digits and hands.
To move and scale the widget, you have to long-press on the “analog clock”!
Set the alarm clock by swiping through the digits on the screen and tap on SET ALARM button!
The best clock for phones and tablets!
“Allah Analog Clock” is a cool clock widget, suitable for everyone!
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Analog clock widgets for Android™ - Islamic edition!
If you believe that Allah is one, then Allah Clock Widget is the perfect thing to decorate your phone and tablet! This “analog clock collection” will help you set the time for Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, the month of the greatest fast ever! Share this fantastic Islamic app with your fellow Muslims and they will be surprised as well whenever they see all the glory of Allah wallpapers on different clock faces! Combine these holy images with different hands and digits to get a perfect Islamic clock widget! Honor the eternal God of your religion each and every day – Islam Clock Widget will help you find your inner self and will fill you with positive energy!

Set the alarm to wake you up for free with music!
“What time is it?” It time for a prayer to Allah! Believers unite, because it is time to embellish your phone and tablet with wonderful Arabic calligraphy! Set the alarm clock with your own music and let the most beautiful Islamic ringtones from your gallery wake you up each morning to remind you that it time to pray to Allah! These free analog clock widgets for Android™ will remind you of the words of the Prophet Muhammad! Open the Quran and find all the 99 names of Allah! Combine these wonderful Islam clocks with your favorite religion wallpapers and see all the beauty of one and only God of Muslim culture! Download Allah Clock Widget for free and enjoy the glory of Allah!