[FREE] Fast Bird - Faster and tougher

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Mar 9, 2014
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Fast Bird - Faster and tougher

It is time to speed up the old bird!

Fast Bird is a spin-of based on the well known game Flappy Bird, but at ten times the speed! This makes Fast Bird tougher and more challenging then the original.

Tap the screen to increase the height and plan ahead for upcoming obstacles! Do you think you can beat my highscore of 19 points?

- Flap the bird at ten times the speed for a new and tougher challenge!
- Still as user friendly and simple as ever
- It ain't beautiful but it is fun
- Faster and tougher
- Get Fast Bird today!

Comments and opinions are appreciated since this is my first "real" project to go live!

Download link:
Fast Bird @ Google Play Store

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