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Dec 9, 2015
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Find the Difference Games-Dogs

Welcome to the world of free puzzle games for kids! If you love looking at cute dogs pictures and playing “hidden object games”, we have a special “difference game”for you! Our brand new FTD app ★ Find the Difference Games-Dogs ★ lets you compare pictures of dogs and test your observation skills.
Observe the two pictures of dogs very closely!
Tap on the difference as soon as you find it!
Use hints to see where the pictures differ!
Use help to get more time for completing the level!
Numerous levels – each with a different photo pair!
Two game-play modes: arcade and endless!
Log in with Facebook and challenge your friends!

It is an excellent brain exercise for kids and adults.
It will improve your observation skills.
It will develop your visual perception.
It will enhance your capacity to concentrate.
It will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment.

Find the Difference Games-Dogs ★ is a brand new collection of free spot the difference puzzles games for kids. If you enjoy playing educational mind games and fun brain teasers such as scrabble, Sudoku and checkers, you are going to LOVE these awesome “picture difference games” free.

So, are you up for the challenge? Install this high-quality “find the difference game” and start learning in a fun way. We will test your reasoning, concentration and spacial intelligence. In addition, we will train your memory and your vision with cute animal pictures. Get your phone now and start playing spot the difference picture puzzles for FREE! 'Find it' collection – only for you!

Welcome to our own personal brain gym! Our team of professional designers has carefully chosen funny dog pictures hd for you to examine! Get the best free brain teaser app on the market and prepare for the coolest “find the difference game” ever! Hurry up and quickly install this cool “find it” puzzler – and start comparing beautiful pictures of dogs. Let your concentration flow free and we promise that you'll love this cool “spot the difference game”. Fun is guaranteed!

What's the difference between two photos? Can you spot it? Let's see if you can see the contrast in pictures of cute dogs? You'd surely like to try! Show us how intelligent you are. Get ready and quickly “find objects” that are different. We're sure that you are a difference detection genius!

Kids will have a lot of fun playing these crazy find the difference picture games and the adults will enhance their observational skills. Let's concentrate now and let your intelligence flow free. Show us that you are level pro at playing spot the difference games.

YOU can never get enough of brain puzzles and animal games, so do not hesitate! Look at the two dogs pictures which are almost the same and try to see the contrast between them! Don't be carried away by beautiful pictures of dogs and complete the levels before time runs out! It's easy – you just need to think fast and earn points! Of all picture “difference games” for kids, this awesome free brain puzzler is surely the best. Get Find the Difference Games-Dogs and see for yourself!

If you download this spot the difference for Android, you will train your brain and your vision to find the differences between nearly identical dogs pictures. So, let's hurry up and find objects that stand out. Who needs a memory trainer when there are the best free “puzzle games” on the market – in your phone! Download this incredible collection of find the difference puzzles for free and you'll get your own fun brain training experience.

A special find the difference game – only for you! FTD with beautiful pictures of dogs which will keep you entertained and busy for hours. Spot the difference between two pictures and feel proud of your accomplishment! Compare two pictures side by side and find the different object!

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