[FREE][GAME]Ballings - Simple and Challenging

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Aug 31, 2018
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Can you get a highscore of 100 or more ?
Ballings looks simple but it is an addictive ball game.

You can play Ballings whenever you want.
Ballings is design to be a casual arcade game and you also get to compete with friends and people around the world.
Test your focus skills in this simple game!

How to play:
Simply tilt your device, left to right to move the ball.
The more you tilt, the more force it will apply to the ball.
Avoid the red barriers.
Pass through as much set of barriers to score points.
Focus is the key! Good Luck Ballings!

Unlock different balls and trails.
Compete highscores with your friends and other ballings in the leaderboard!
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