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Dec 8, 2014
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You know those conversations where you're joking around with your friends, the joke goes way too far and you either have to stop immediately or realize you're on to something? This is how Bitcoin Blaster was conceived...

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Bitcoin Blaster

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Bitcoin Blaster

Ever wonder what it’s like to walk in the shoes of Uncle Sam? Well wonder no more... you’ve a battle to fight! With the ever-persistent Bitcoin Army on your God-given soil and your military overtaken, the future of your currency is at stake. Ohh Lordy Lorrrdy here they come! Hop behind your gas-guzzling money-fed gatling gun and put those tax dollars to work. Amurrrika!
Bitcoin Blaster is inspired by the 1984 Mac classic “Airborne!” but combines arcade style cryptocurrency-blasting fun with 30’s/40’s cartoon militancy. Visit us at http://www.tidbituniverse.com.

-Completely free and ad free, no pay-to-win aspects.
-Full 3D HD graphics.
-Scales to any resolution.
-Immersive main menu.
-Fast-paced, attention-holding fun.
-Cheeky theme and voices.
-Live in-game leaderboard: compete for the top 25 positions!
-Easy controls: press and hold finger to shoot, drag to aim.
-Four colorful levels.
-Ammo upgrades for Uncle Sam’s gatling gun.
-Three unique and difficult bosses.
-Earn achievements to unlock bonus skins and tunes.
-Pure cheeky awesomeness.