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Jul 3, 2017
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Hello together!

I'm glad to present you our first Android Game "Clash of Dimensions". It's an Arcade game with an entiry new gameplay (or at least we don't know any game like this).



It is made with Unity 3D and provides 11 stages that you have to unlock. That doesn't sound that much but it's really hard to unlock them: Every stage has generic increasing difficulty levels. So after you've succeeded at your actual difficulty level the next one starts automatically. To unlock the next stage, you have to survive at all your unlocked stages at the next higher difficulty level.

Here's an example:

Requirements to unlock Stage 2:
Survive Stage 1 at difficulty level 1

Requirements to unlock Stage 3:
Survive Stage 1 & 2 at difficulty level 2

Requirements to unlock Stage 4:
Survive Stage 1, 2 and 3 at difficulty level 3

And so on...


So the first stages will be unlocked soon but with reaching a difficulty level of ~5 the game is getting really difficulty. And here's what the game is about:



You are the yellow ball and are able to jump to the left and to the right by tapping at the corresponding half of your smarthpone's screen. Also, you can do "super jumps" by tapping more often at the screen. As you can see at the screenshots there are also red and green balls. The red balls are your enemies, you should not collide with them. The green one is your weapon. You can kick it into your enemies to destroy them. At this point there's something special: Everything besides by you is freed from gravity. So while everything is flying throug the stage like bullets you will immediately fall down if you don't tap at your screen.

Another interesting feature(in my opionion) is the inventory. This little arcade game has an item mechanism that you'll know from RPGs. Every enemy can drop items in three different item qualities (green, blue and purple) and there's an inventory where you can manage those items (or buy them if you've collected enough coins):


Currently, there are 14 items which can drop everywhere.

I hope you like our little game for in between and I would be glad if you would give us some feedback about the game :)

Best regards

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