[FREE][GAME] Escape 2012----Doomsday is coming!!Are you ready?


Dec 18, 2012
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Hello to everyone,
I 'd like to recommend for a new interesting game??-Escape2012 it's a racing game ,and you also can play it as a Parkour game

Free Download from Google Play:https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...pps/d...tsj_admob_free:&token=aOO2xlof - *

when you plan to play it ,you must know the following
1、Game operation control can be induced by gravity tilting the phone to change the car's direction of travel.
2、Game props diversity, acceleration, car crash zombie obtain gold award,save enough gold coins to Modified Automobiles
3、Watch out those stones and Remember not to hurt the surviving human companions .

The apk files is a bit large,so if someone want to experience it ,please download it from google play
and also hope most of player can like it ,and give me some comments or suggestions , That must be very appreciated!

maybe i can provide a picture


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