[FREE][GAME] Giana Sisters World

Artur Urbanski

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Feb 26, 2016
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Giana Sisters World is very nice platform game well known to c64 players.
Are u ready to adventure?

Can someone reply with link to this game? because i cant add.
Search in Play Store: giana sisters world artur urbanski


How to play:
Find exit before time ends.
Collect diamonds to gets more life.
Collect and use power ups.
Some creatures can be disabled if u jump on them.
Avoid traps and hard creatures.

Left arrow - move left
Right arrow - move right
Up arrow - jump
After collecting some power ups u can use them by tapping above moving controls
*In this version of this platform game shooting is not allowed.

Circle - gives ability to breaking bricks
Thunder - adds small score
White watch - use to add some time
Strawberry - adds medium score
Water drop - u can walk through fire
Golden watch - stops creatures
Bomb - destroy creatures
Lollipop - adds life

On first stage if u have enough coins u can use teleport to: 5, 13, 21, 29 level and play with best score.