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Jun 19, 2019
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Heroes and Merchants - Fantasy Crafting MMOG (mobile)

You liked the good old browser games? We also!
That's why we developed HaM. It is a fantasy-crafting MMOG in the style of the old browser games with new interactive content.
HaM is a hobby project of me and my husband. Now we wish that it continues to fill with life and many players enjoy it!
"Heroes and Merchants" is completely free.


What is the game content?
The game plays in a fantasy world, which was ravaged by rulers of dangerous monsters. The player can recruit heroes and do missions. For this he receives raw materials from which he can produce weapons and armor.

What additional game elements does HaM contain?
Players can team up in guilds, complete guild tasks, summon raid bosses and compete against other players in real-time duels. They can benefit from the guild shop and buffs.
There is the possibility to improve the craftsmen (influence the quality of the goods, selling price, production time).
Heroes have special abilities that can be selected, increased and actively played in duels.
There is also a chat area.

What makes HaM special?
The special feature of HaM is in any case the optical design. Because unlike most of today's games here is not set to digital glossy graphics. All the graphics in the game are handdrawn, the music has also been composed especially for the game. Also, the gameplay is not based on one effect chasing the other - the game gives a touch of nostalgia after the old days of browser games.

We need you!
Since the game is free, and even just a hobby project, we do not have the financial resources, like big game companies, to use expensive advertising. The game is known only by you! Download the game in the store, write a review (if you like it) and recommend it to friends. Give us feedback here.
Visit our homepage at: Heroes and Merchants

Thank you!


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Jun 19, 2019
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Thank you! :)
There are plenty of shiny Web 3.0-style games. Unfortunately, most gamers are so used to the fact that it flashes everywhere in the game and the gameplay is incredibly fast. Thus, they are rather irritated by the graphics in HaM.

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