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Feb 10, 2016
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Hi Everyone
I just recently released this new tower defense game which has different strategy than other tower defense games in the market.

Please download and try it out and also give me some feedback would be great, thank you so much for your time.
Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KTCT.KingdomTowerDefense

Kingdom Tower Defense is a new fun strategy tower defense game.
Build your army to defend your kingdom from the Dark Lord Emperor's legion.
Build up your army, upgrade them and strategically place them to defend your kingdom.

Your aim is to protect your King and the Kingdom. Your King will gain experience, attack, spell damage and other abilities through each level. Extra bonuses for Watching Ads.
You have 300 golds to start with and 600 golds for NormalX2 mode.
Each wave level will generate number of enemy units with random spells and commander creeps.
The fate of your people and kingdom is in your hand.

Product Features
Over 29 levels
30 different build units and each unit can be upgraded.
Most Units [Non-Upgraded and Upgraded Units] have their own unique spell/s. Enemy units also have their own special abilities.
5 Different Game Modes, especially NormalX2 mode, double the golds but double the trouble.
Suitable for all ages.

Hope you enjoy the game and thank you for any feedback.
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