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Dec 26, 2016
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Move the cube, pair of cubes or many cubes to the target location (depends of level).
Cubes move simultaneously each other with the same speed and in the same direction.
On the field, there are barriers, which blocks may be suspended by changing their position in relation to other cubes.


Main goal - you need to move cubes of the minimum number of moves.
Background - it's field 20x20, various type of walls, moving platforms.
On the field there are traps and places to teleport, extra points.
Each field - one level. The motivation of player it are challenge, excitement.

The game requires concentration and logical thinking. On the idea was influenced by games such as 15 puzzle, Portal, 2048.

The Features of game is:
- number of objects to move (up to 4)
- three-dimensional objects
- features of movement (simultaneous movement)
- control of movement
- possibility of instantly change the position
- cubes have the same color as the target cell

In the project we are going to use the innovative original transfer system, which will make the game exciting. Searching for the better of decision could interest the player.

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