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Puneet Kohli

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Mar 12, 2014
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Hello Everyone,

I would like to announce the availability of ReFocus Labs' hit game PASTRY PUSH on Google Play Store!!

About Pastry Push
Pastry Push is an Award Winning 3D Strategy/Puzzle Game

Swipe and slide your way through challenging puzzles with your favorite pastries in the baker's shop to feed Moko, the monster with a sweet tooth. Solve the maze as a third person, with a bird eye view, in the shortest number of moves with Golden Cherries in this awesomely fun, engaging, 3D physics-based game!

★ Pastry Push is completely FREE to play
★ Swipe to slide
★ Unique 3D graphics and animations
★ Unlock in-game trophies and achievements
★ 3 seasons with 81 challenging 3D levels
★ NEW Obstacles, new challenges: Flamethrowers, portals, fans, timed cherries, trapdoors!
★ HD Support (Works on all Android smart-phones and tablets)
★ Gamepad support: Get a console like experience with you favourite gamepad.

Winner of the "Best Overall Game" in Game On Contest!

Gameplay Trailer:

Download Link: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...?id=com.RefocusLabs.PastryPush&token=H16PuijU
Website: http://www.pastrypush.com

Please do have a look at the game, download and drop a review! Thank you.

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