[FREE][GAME] Space Runner

Zee Khan786

Dec 31, 2018
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Space Runner is a fun little endless space exploration game that lets you explore the unexplored interstellar space. You have to Fly the plane by tapping on the screen. Try to avoid mountains and obstacles in the game else you will be busted. The game is very simple but it is very challenging.

If you enjoy the old school vertical space-shooters and if you are a fan of these old school games you are going to love Space Runner. Earn coins and be the highest scorer by collecting coins in the game.
Space Runner is a very user-friendly game. Easy to control the jet and easy to protect it from the collision. The sound and music of the game are outclassed and the graphics of the game are of high quality.

Features of Space Runner
Outstanding space levels with interesting challenges.
Interesting gameplay.
Easy to control.
High quality of graphics is used.
The game sound and music is superb.

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