[Free Game] Spotting It! - Euro 2012

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Jan 17, 2012
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Love soccer. Love Spotting It!
If you like football you'll love this game.
Simply 'collect' all the players featuring in the UEFA Euro 2012 finals by 'spotting' them playing. If you are lucky enough to have tickets for the game, spot the players and check off the 'Live' option to score points. If you don't, you can spot players whilst you are watching LIVE games on TV (highlights don't count) and still score points. There are over 300 players to collect!
There is the option to play online and set up a challenge with your friends, or just play against the rest of the world. Spotting It! uses SwarmConnect for Leaderboards and Achievements.
There are individual Leaderboards for each team, and 80 achievements to collect, so you can win as you play.
The game is only played during the Euro 2012 competition so don't delay download now so you're ready to start. Oh, and it's FREE.

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