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Mar 12, 2014
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Swipe The Walls, an original alternative to Flappy Bird


Tired of playing a lot of clones that didn?t add anything new in respect to the original Flappy Bird, a guy under the nickname ?Telekinetic? has recently released in Google Play a game that makes a 180 degree turn regarding the mechanic followed by the Dong Nguyen?s creation.

This time we don?t control any bird or any other animal. The main character is a cop that tries to reach (without success?) a thief who has committed some kind of wrongdoing. The interesting thing about Swipe The Walls is that the game is an endless runner where you don?t control the main character but its "telekinetic" powers, which will ensure that you can keep running by avoiding the obstacles that arise.


At this point enters the scene the other key element of the game: the walls. While the cop continues running up the street to catch de thief, there will begin to appear a series of walls placed in different positions. This is where the player comes into play and hence the name of the game: you have to swipe the damn walls for the police to be able to continue his race into the unknown.

Each wall we go through rewards us with a point and we can participate in an online ranking with friends or publicly. Moreover, there are some achievements that will be unlocked in Google Game Services when we reach a certain quantity of points.

Swipe The Walls is a very simple and addictive game that can fill our dead times while we are in a queue or moving in public transport, and where we can live the enjoyment of rivalry between friends in order to get the best score.

You can download it in Google Play for free: