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Christian James

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Mar 17, 2014
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Hello all, I'd like some gameplay feedback on an android game I helped develop. It's a combination of the now-popular "Tap through the gap" casual game genre and an ambient experience of being in space. I've heard that it feel like an old atari game, another mentioned that it's too reminiscent of the now-gone "Flappy Bird". Anyway, Here's the description and some pictures, give it a try if you want, it's a completely free game!

Feel free to have fun with this game/experience, rack up a high score, and don't forget to rate it on the Google Play Store, and share with your friends!

- stencil-chris :cool:


Enjoy side-scrolling, tap-to-fly gameplay, but looking for a new dimension of challenge? Well here it is!

UpperMan is a game about an android called UpperMan, whose goal is to break through the earth's atmosphere using his hand and foot jet boosters, and collect planetary matter to use as his own fuel and survive. But the various military forces of the world have misunderstood UpperMan's intentions, and are shooting lasers into the sky to bring him down!

Tap the screen to activate UpperMan's boosters. Be careful, lasers come from the right AND the top of the screen! Navigate UpperMan through the gaps, collect Stardust pieces, and rack up a high score! Enjoy the night sky and who knows, you might collect an asteroid or two along the way!

- Dirt Asteroid (until 10 Points)
- Copper Asteroid (until 25 Points)
- Jade Asteroid (until 45 Points)
- Carbon Asteroid (until 70 Points)
- Gold Asteroid (until 100 Points)
- Platinum Asteroid (until 150 Points)
- ??? Asteroid (until 200 Points)
- ?????? Asteroid (??? Points)

~ Great musical track from Australian band Shisd
~ Select sprite work by Burcag






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