[Free] [Game] Wood Block Puzzle Meditation Game

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Feb 23, 2019
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Train your brain and relax your mind with the best wood block style game in the app store. Challenge yourself to fit the blocks into different combos and formations to complete rows and columns to score points while listening to calming, meditative music. Play UNLIMITED GAMES with NO TIME LIMITS and MULTIPLE MUSIC OPTIONS.

What makes Wood Block Puzzle - FREE Meditation Game so great?

- Easy to play
- Relaxing experience
- Challenges your mind
- Unlimited levels
- No time limits
- Ability to choose Ad Free option

How to play the Wood Block Puzzle - FREE Meditation Game

- Choose your meditative music
- Drag and drop each of your pieces within the 10x10 grid
- Complete a row or column to receive points and break apart the blocks
- Score as high as you can before your remaining pieces no longer fit
- Share your high score with your friends
- Ability to choose a ‘No Ads’ option as in app purchase for $2.99

Download Wood Block Puzzle Meditation Game on Google Play


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