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Feb 23, 2019
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The most intense zombie survival shooting game Zomvid-19, is here!

Stand against blood-thirsty zombies! Use over dozens of different deadly weapons and explosives to kill them all and enjoy 3D shooting as a true zombie shooter!

Shoot and Kill Zombies to Survive

If you are looking for a survival game or a zombie shooting game, Zomvid-19 is one of a kind that you’ll love to play. Fight against bad things is always good to feel.

Different types of ugly and scary zombies are coming, they will tear you and your family apart if you don’t stand strong and fight against. There is no way back! You must do something!

No worries! You have everything you need to kill them all to keep safe everyone around you. So, grab your weapons, take explosives in your bag, upgrade them again and again, stand on your feet and start shooting until every zombie is killed and the mud color turns into red with their nasty blood!

Zomvid-19 seems a simple yet difficult to master survival game. With a bunch of levels, different gaming modes and atmospheres, lots of crazy weapons, different types of zombies, horror music, and mesmerizing 3D graphics & gameplay, Zomvid-19 is one of the best offline zombie shooting games out there.

Zomvid-19 Key Features

- Insane zombie shooting experience with amazing 3D gameplay

- Enjoy 30 well-designed levels full of nasty zombies to kill.

- Unlock an arsenal of zombie killer weapons, explosives, and other gear to overpower and kill hordes of zombies. Weapons are shotgun, FN P90, M-16, AK-47, Olt Python, Fire Gun, Stun Gun, Bazooka, and M134. Explosives are Big Bomb, Grenade, Poison bomb, and Freeze Bomb.

- 8 Different zombies with horrible bosses, some of them are taller, some are fat, some are in usual size, some of them even are animals, and more.

- Play using 3 different defense systems – home, thorn defense, and metal defense. Upgrade your defenses to make them stronger.

- 3 different gaming modes for each level – easy, normal, and nightmare. Unlock them one by one and kill zombies from everywhere.

- Get the exclusive daily diamond bonus and exclusive explosive watch-video rewards.

- Upgrade each and every defense system, weapons, and explosives wisely to make them more deadly.

- Download for free, play online or offline, and experience the thrill of killing blood-thirsty zombies anytime you want.

Download Zomvid-19 on Google Play


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