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Jul 2, 2018
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“Bubble Shooter - Smug the Pug”

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Hello! Girls & Boys, check out this latest bubble shooter free game from My Puzzle Games! It's a single player game with cool background and colorful bubbles.

This newest version of the classic bubble shooter comes with more twists, challenges and fun! The puppies are stuck in bubbles. Help Smug, the cute pug dog find his pups and free them from the bubble trouble.

You will love this adventure with Smug the Pug!

Game play is super easy!
1. Just aim at the desire color and shoot.
2. Glide your finger along the screen to adjust your aim.
3. Minimum 3 bubbles of the same color will pop in one single aim.
4. Click on the arrow sign besides Smug to change the color of the aiming bubble.
5. The less bubbles you use, the more Stars you get.

The game becomes more and more addicting as you save puppies by just shooting bubbles across 1000+ levels!
This dog's pups are in need of help. Can you free them by shooting all the bubbles? Come on, join the fun!

Why don't you download this free game now itself to keep up with Smug the Pug? Casual games like this help you relax and makes you un-bored! Enjoy the best game 2018 of the bubble shooter games with Smug!

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