Free Iphone 14 Pro by mistake


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Jan 30, 2016
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Here’s a good story. Went into T-Mobile Saturday evening to upgrade my wife’s phone to the iPhone 14 and fastward and got a phone call Tuesday from T-Mobile on saying that the sales guy upgraded my line instead of hers and they would fix the situation. Went into Costco today and their sales guy said my line, the iPhone 14 pro was completed closed the jump process and now have 0 payments. So basically my phone is paid for by his mistake because once the IMEI is closed and completed it can't be opened up again. So he said that T-Mobile can give me up to $850 trade in for my Samsung S22 Ultra plus a $75 Costco gift card so I may take advantage of that can upgrade to the S23 Ultra. I have up until April 5th to decide. Costco is a full corporate store now so they can can take care of jump programs. So basically his mistake led to my phone being paid by accident.