[FREE] Luma: *.heic to jpg converter and viewer offline

Sergei Pekar

May 23, 2015
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Now you can open photos from iPhone (.heic) on Android device. I created the app for that it is called Luma: *.heic to jpeg converter and viewer offline.

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=luma.hevc.heif.image.viewer.converter

This is simple app which let you to view heic pictures and convert any number of them to jpeg at one time in several clicks preserving quality and all metadata.

App features:
* Browse and view any folder containing *.heic files.
* Open and view *.heic images.
* Save and share *.heic images in *.jpeg format.
* Batch convert any number of *.heic images preserving quality and metadata.
* Preserve all image metadata like: location, Exif, XMP, Copyright, ICC profile.
* Preserve depth image if presented.

Luma is designed to enable you open and convert to jpeg multiple images with *.HEIC file extension at a time. These are images in High Efficient Image Format (HEIF). Images in this format take twice less space on your device without any loss of image quality. Using this format will help you to save up to 50% of storage space for images.

Luma works completely offline and you don't need to internet connection to make the app working. You can either open single image or select any number of images and convert them to jpeg without loosing quality or metadata.

Hope for your positive feedback and ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐️ review 😉

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