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Jul 5, 2023
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If you like solitaires, you must try Solitaire Master, you won't regret it...

I am an indie developer and after more than 2 years of work, I have published a new collection of solitaires, to replace Solitaire Collection (Lite and Premium versions) that have been in the Play Store for more than 10 years getting excellent reviews (4,4 stars in Google Play).

Solitaire Master is a collection of solitaires (currently about 80 different types) that includes all the classics and many other wildly addictive solitaires.
With Solitaire Master all the details have been taken care of, but above all, an optimal gaming experience has been achieved.
In Solitaire Master I have included solitaires of all kinds and I have tried to implement all the ideas that I liked after trying more than a hundred solitaire games. It is perfect both for casual players and for the most demanding ones, since it allows you to configure each game to your liking.

Among the large number of features of Solitaire Master, we could highlight:

- Play with one tap, double-tap and drag and drop
- In-game gestures for the most common actions
- Auto play on obvious moves
- Game recording for each solitaire
- Undo and redo moves (unlimited)
- Hints (one at a time or all together)
- Beautiful graphics
- Relaxing sound effects
- Amazing victory animations
- Time, move and score counters
- Detailed statistics of each game
- Filtering of solitaires (favourites, duration, difficulty, chances of victory...)
- Customisation of the background, decks, card backs...
- Multiple layouts in each solitaire to adapt it to different device sizes (phone or tablet), aspect ratio and screen orientation.
- Google Play Games support
- Achievements and leaderboards
- Free
- Play offline
- And many more options that you will discover little by little...

Solitaire Master tablet 1 en.jpg

Solitaire Master tablet 2 en.jpg

Solitaire Master tablet 3 en.jpg

Solitaire Master tablet 4 en.jpg

Solitaire Master tablet 7 en.jpg

Solitaire Master tablet 8 en.jpg

Solitaire Master will continue to improve little by little with the addition of new solitaires and graphic resources for a long time.

If you love solitaires, you have to try it!!

You can download Solitaire Master in Google Play Store:

Solitaire Master - Google Play Store

It is also available for iOS in the App Store:

Solitaire Master - App Store
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Jul 5, 2023
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A new version of Solitaire Master has been released.

- Added Bristol, Demons and Thieves, Double Canfield, Will o' the Wisp and Baroness solitaires
- Added the option to exit to the main menu without saving the game. There are two ways: enable the option in the "configuration menu" so that it asks if you want to save or discard the game it every time you exit to the main menu, or exit with a long press on the main menu button.
- Added several textures for backgrounds
- Improved AI in various games
- Added the option to perform "super moves" in "FreeCell" type games
- Small bugs fixes


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Jul 5, 2023
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A new version of Solitaire Master has been released:

- Added the solitaires American Toad, Royal Marriage, Autumn Leaves, Panoramic Klondike
- Added an option to configure screen rotation: automatic rotation, portrait mode, and landscape mode (at the moment only in the Android version)
- Added 4 new victory animations
- Added solitaire features on the screen where the rules are displayed

All new features are interesting but the most interesting thing is the Panoramic Klondike solitaire, a wonderful variant of the classic Klondike (3 cards) that I assure you don't know.

Panoramic Klondike is the brainchild of Paul Vandervoort, a user of my old Solitaire Collection and now a Solitaire Master user. He is a great fan of the classic Klondike and after hundreds of games, he thought of this fantastic variant, which in my point of view improves it enormously. After contacting me to tell me about the idea, I found it very interesting and I decided to implement it in Solitaire Master. Below I quote verbatim how Paul defines Panoramic Klondike:

"Panoramic Klondike is for players who enjoy the strategizing aspect, but not the memorization aspect of the game. The rules are the same, and your chance of winning is the same. The only difference is the deck (or source/waste) is laid out so you can see it all at once. This way, you can see your options more clearly, and game play goes faster. As with regular Klondike, you can't go backwards through the deck after you've taken a card from it. You have to tap the spinning-arrows icon, which will reorder the deck so you can do another pass".

The description is very clear. With Panoramic Klondike you enjoy the classic Klondike but without worrying about memorizing the cards that you leave behind in the discard pile and without having to calculate by heart the cards that will appear in the next pass.

I hope you enjoy this new version of Solitaire Master and this amazing variant of the classic Klondike.

You can download Solitaire Master for Android (Google Play) and for iOS (App Store)

Solitaire Master - Google Play Store

Solitaire Master - App Store

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