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Dec 11, 2013
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Space Bastards is a fast-paced action arcade game. Pick up the bombs and flip the switch to blow up your enemies. Increase the multiplier by proceeding to the next stage. Make sure to collect as many coins as you can to activate special items and try to beat your personal high score! Share your highest scores with your friends on Facebook!

How to play:
- Use the on-screen controls to move around 'Major Tom'.
- Press/touch [jump] twice to perform a double jump.
- Run around to collect coins and bombs, but make sure to stay away from the enemies.
- Pick up 4 bombs to make a switch appear.
- Flip the switch to blow up your enemies and proceed to the next stage!

- Collecting coins does not only increase your high score, but can also make power ups appear.
- Proceeding to the next stage will increase your multiplier. If you die it will be reset to 0.

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