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Dec 21, 2016
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Firstly, here is the link: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...%26utm_campaign%3Dandcentpromo&token=-O5NmJtd

This game has been translated into English 3 days ago. Average rate is 4.8 in Google Play and mere than 15 000 downloads. You can see gameplay on youtube but in Russian


Memories: Escape the room – a thrilling text quest in the style Escape the room.
The main hero Leo finds himself in a hospital. He does not remember who he is, he doesn’t know where he is, who his friends are, whom he loves and why some people put him in this hospital. You will have to find answers to all these questions during the game.
The game is taking place in the format of a monologue of the main character who describes all what is happening to him. Besides, he can find and use the items and enter the codes where needed.

Your task – is to help Leo to get out of his memories, understand why and how he has appeared in this place and what he needs to do next. While passing the real places of far corners of his memory together with Leo you would solve the riddles and the puzzles in order to finally find out what has been hidden in the depth of his memory.

Give him a helping hand and he would help you to remember what is the most important!

Memories is the quest with perfect music and design that would help you to immerse completely in the atmosphere of the game and to complete it till the very end.

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