free web browsing, no data plan needed - TMOBILE ONLY.


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Nov 28, 2012
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nice app and nice trick. uses proxy and converts to mms, thus you are never using internet data. works only on tmobile and if you have UNLIMITED TEXT PLAN. reminds of a trick when i had the iphone where you would edit the apn and use to get free browsing which did the same trick as this. try it out, it might not work for you though. worked for me but i'm only tried it a bit and i'm waiting tomorrow to see if i get charged fees or not before continuing to use it. just though this was cool and deserved some attention.

only downsides and ofc as expected it's kinda slow and also this, which i quote from another site

"The most important fact to know is there isn?t any type of encryption or security in place. That means sites that you set to auto log in, like Google, the password and username are sent as plain text to the Smozzy server. The same rings true if you were to check your bank account, Facebook, or any other site you would sign into, it could easily be intercepted and potential used against you maliciously."
so it's good to use when you really have no internet and wanna check out casual web pages that don't require personal or sensitive info logins, but use at your own risk
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Nov 6, 2012
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Says on the last update, over a year ago, that he added experimental support for AT&T and Verizon. Since has been so long since an update we shall see if the carriers catch on and/or care.

The most recent reviews don't seem promising but you said you got it to work so all that is left is to check the bill. Let us know how many texts you actually sent. I am very curious how many. Has to be a ton. What's the over under?

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