Frequent freezes caused by ghost touch on the back button! How do i disable it completely...

Krishan Madan

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Mar 29, 2014
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Hey guys, i have an android Phone and it's been giving me problems because somehow there is a ghost touch on the back button.
I tried every possible solution and nothing worked (including hard reset!) so i decided to add a software Soft key back button and disable the Hard key by editing the Generic file.
It made life much simpler as now the phone is more usable and doesn't suddenly minimize the apps i am using.
A slight problem though, still remains since the input from the device is only ignored at a software command level and when the back button is pressed the device stops picking up any touch motion on the screen and on the home and menu hard keys. the volume and power button still work though.
Sometimes the ghost touch long presses the back button and so this causes the whole device to stop responding to any touch input and seemingly freeze. Pretty annoying!
Another strange issue is that it sometimes "confuses" my home button and my menu button, the menu button always has the right outcome but the home button sometimes acts as the menu one. I'm sure i haven't inverted them by mistake in the Generic.kl file because it that were the case it would always be inverted...
My priority for not is trying to stop the input freeze. Is there any way to totally disable the back button? Perhaps At a lower level (i would prefer not to have to make changes on the hardware).
And does anyone have any idea why the Home and Menu are being inverted? It's virus free!