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I am on Verizon Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan from way back. Have not changed and trying not to.

Issue - I have a Moto X4 that I have been pretty happy with and have been using for the lat 18 months or so. I decided to upgrade to the new Pixel 4a as it was getting a lot of pre-release hype. I got it and set it all up. Today I put in the sim card and went to fire up the hot spot and I got an error saying that I needed to contact my carrier as I don't have hot spot. My X4 has been running it flawlessly. I put sim card back into the X4 and hot spot works fine.

What gives? I was under the impression that Verizon was the problem when it came to disabling the features of phones. What I am finding out is it seems like Verizon can tell I am not eligible for the hot spot from my new phone.

Any thoughts other than 'subscribe to the hot spot service'?


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Jul 7, 2013
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If your plan is not eligible for hotspot (I don't think that UDP is) our ToS don't allow us to discuss methods for bypassing those blocks. As a result, our answer is the one you don't want "subscribe to a plan with hotspot".

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