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Front camera OIS problem


New member
Jan 6, 2018
Hi, guys. Just noticed with my regular Mate 10 that the front camera recording at 1080p with stabilizer on seems to struggle at low light. When moving too fast or making turns, the video seems to glitch. However, with the stabilizer off the video runs fine. Anyone else experiencing the same? Also, is it a software problem? Should I get my phone checked? Any response would be appreciated. 😄
Firmware: ALP-L29 (C636)


Well-known member
Apr 20, 2013
You can go get the phone checked, however you need to remember that the front Camera does not have OIS, just EIS, and a much smaller sensor meaning it struggles more with low-light, the problem you are experiencing must be due to the EIS trying to get the best possible image constantly but not managing to.