Front-facing photos look like garbage?

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Just took my Mate 10 Pro out of the box today and was excited to play around with the camera. Unfortunately I have been incredibly disappointed in the picture quality, almost to the point where it seems like something is wrong?

When I take pictures with the front camera, the preview of the shot looks fine. But when I actually take the picture, the photo comes out very blurry and washed out. I mean it literally looks like the photo has been overexposed and much of the detail is gone. Also, the shots are lacking much color as well, maybe due to how exposed they are. My Galaxy S6 (the phone I'm replacing) is taking better photos than this brand new Mate 10 Pro.

Is something wrong? Is there some setting I'm not aware of? I've heard nothing but good things about the camera on this phone, surely something is not right.


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Oct 22, 2012
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Make sure Beauty Mode is turned off when you use the Front Facing camera. It's usually on by default everytime you switch to the front camera as is Portrait Mode. The orange symbol at the top shows that Portrait Mode is on. The 2 icons on the bottom right is for turning off Portrait Blur and the other is for Beauty Mode. I normally just hit the icon at the top and it turns off Beauty Mode AND Portrait Mode giving a normal photo


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