Front Screen On The Fold 5


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Dec 7, 2012
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Yeah, it makes total sense.

I was watching Flossy's unboxing and he compared the Fold 5, Pixel fold and (I think) a Xiaomi fold. When you open them up, it becomes immediately apparent why Samsung builds it's fold the way it does. The pixel hadd MASSIVE bars at the sides of the screen that looked absolutely awful, whereas the Z Fold just looked good. To be honest, and I've tried to keep quiet about it, but anyone buying the Pixel fold just because they like the outer screen is actually cracked.

That said, if the Z FOld had the same aspect ratio as the Pixel fold I'd consider buying one...those ugly black bars (as far as I know) can be fixed by rotating the device 90 degrees.

As an afterthought, I wonder if we will see a lot of Pixel Folds with cracked screens around the 8-12 months mark due to all the time the screen spends folded... and also just because Google is bad at building things haha.
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Jun 27, 2019
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I use the Pixel Fold equally folded and unfolded ..I was at a party last night and used it unfolded more actually especially when taking pics haha …it’s a pleasure to use on the go when folded though..Bezels everyone makes so much of it totally non factor ..I’m also not buying into why Samsung thinks it’s should be typing on a cramped keyboard..….that said they will be changing it in the near future as they realize or soon will realize they need to make the move away from it being that slim
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Feb 6, 2017
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Pixel Fold definitely a solid foldable and the borders don't bother unless your using a Samsung fold next to it daily. I think the screen should hold up as it's a Samsung screen and looks heavy duty the hinge incorporated with bezel so I'm not thinking any issues there, maybe screen protector? Don't know time will tell , but it's definitely a good Foldable.

As for Samsung changing anything maybe they will get little bit wider on outer display but that's all I don't think they will change much if they do it be a different device like rollable screen.

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