Front Screen Replacement HELP!


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Oct 15, 2020
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So I've successfully taken my note 10+ apart to replace front and back glass. The back is easy but its the front that I'm having trouble understanding. I wanted to be cheap of course and not purchase a frame for 270$. Ive taken things apart far harder than one of these.

I heated and took off the front glass. Separated the Amoled from the cracked glass. I have adhesive for the front, waiting on it for back glass.

My main question is if their is some film or screen that goes inbetween the replacement front glass or did i go down a layer too far. The screen seems like it needs to be darker. Just the glass attached to the amoled doesnt seem right to me. Asking for help and seeing it its anything to order to fix it. On ifixit website they have a Galaxy Note10 Stylus Handwriting Sensor but it seems mine is still attached to the amoled.

If i just wasted 25 bucks on front and back glass i wont be too worried in buying a frame with the amoled and display already together.

Any help will be much appreciated if i can even do it this way.


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