Question Full remote management apps for Samsung mobiles of elderly parents


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Apr 29, 2023
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I’m looking for remote management apps to support unattended remote management of the Samsung A32 5G mobiles of my elderly parents.

The reason why I say “apps” is because I believe there is no single app that does the full trick. 2 key functionalities required:

1) App to fully customize/tweak the screen interface (no sliders, only buttons) and, especially, to KILL the functionalities of the side buttons (very often they hold the mobile by the sides, unaware that they are pressing continuously the volume down button, and then they can no longer hear anything mid-call, or even worse, the ringer goes full silent and they won’t pick up when we call).

2) App for full unattended remote management of the mobile (for clean up, to undo several unwanted changes they make by accident, etc etc). For this one, we have been using Team Viewer (and I have found it being recommended in the forum). It works ok - when it works. However quite often something happens that makes it stop (Android version auto update, Team Viewer app or Host app update, accidental installation of other apps that interferes with the Host app, etc). Is there a more reliable alternative (or even one that is as reliable, as we are willing to put 2 different apps simultaneously just to have a redundancy in case one fails).

Any app recommendations/suggestions for the functionalities above would be greatly appreciated!
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