Fundamental IMAP email issues


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Nov 1, 2009
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From searching the web for solutions, it seems that the Motorola Droid, despite having Android 2.0, retains some fundamental IMAP email issues. Does anyone know a work around for these? I haven't found any, and I'm surprised, given this functionality is pretty standard on other phones and email clients.
1) Can't choose which folders are used for Sent, Drafts, and Trash. My IMAP server (like a lot of IMAP servers) has folders called INBOX.* for each folder. E.g., I want my Sent email to be in INBOX.Sent, not the Sent folder.
2) The Sent, Drafts, and Trash folders on the phone appear to be entirely local to the phone. No such folders exist on the server.
3) There is no way to move mail between folders. If there was, issues #1 and #2 would be annoying but one could at least move the mail to the correct folders after the fact.
4) Nested folders on the server appear in a long list on the client (minor issue compared to the others).
5) No way to easily empty the Trash folder (need to select each message manually, then hit Delete).

I found all of these issues mentioned in many places on the web, in various discussions between users and developers, and they go back to earlier versions of the Android OS, so they seem to be long-standing issues.

Some people have tried using K9 as a work-around, but it is apparently buggy/unstable/problematic in other ways.

Is anyone aware of work-around for the issues above, or does anyone know if there's hope for solutions in development? Maybe I'm just missing something?\


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