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g3 brand new battery drain


AC Question

i just got an lg g3 replacement - BRAND NEW

i had my data backed up on the sd card from the old lg. so i inserted the sd card and restored everything. it took a longer time than expected. the result of all this is i've been fiddling with the new lg for about 3 hours, what with all the backups, dickering with some apps adjustments, and the phone resetting about 3 x.

during this time i started to notice my battery drain with every passing minute. at one point 85%, then 55%/ one time the phone turned itself off and when i started up, the battery went from 55 to 25%!!!!. this was no normal restart as i had already completed all the necessary initializations. in fact the phone turned off twice unexpectedly.

nothing noticeable in battery usage except dex2oat, which i read is to be expected initially. stuff like wifi and bluetooth, brightness, location et all are all turned off.

i'm getting a little worried about this drainage as i had NEVER experienced this kind of thing before(and i have switch phones a few times)

any help would be welcome.,,,,or am i worrying about a normal process with initial phone diddling



Co-Ambassador Team Lead
Jun 10, 2014
Battery drain, or at least indicated battery drain, of the kind that you describe is not normal.