G4 qi wireless sticker/charger mini review


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Mar 11, 2011
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This one is sold in amazon by Landfox for about $8 shipped, not bad for a sticker and pad combo. Took 3 weeks from china to West US.

I'm attaching the charging graphs, 1st time was with the G4 stock charger from 8% to 55%. The 2nd was with the Zero Lemon quick charger from 63 to 100%

Not going to get in depth but it works. I put some scotch tape under the contacts to the left of battery cover so it could touch the ones on the phone. Temperature rises on the phone itself and the pad gets real hot. Cool thing is it charges with my case on.

One weird happenstance was I put it on the pad last night using the stock G4 charger and it went from 25% but stopped at 44% and 103* after about 2 hours. So I woke up to it at about 43% and not charging. Safety feature for high Temps? I don't know

Two negatives, if it charges to 100%, no apps open. I have to power down and then turn on again. The other is it is super duper slow, which is fine since it's an overnight charger for me.

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Nov 18, 2014
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I think I have the same chip sticker as you, im sure there isn't much difference between all the ones that come from China really. Mine charges just fine on my ATT variant but the only issue has been about every other charge (overnight) I take the phone off to see a slow flashing screen and I need to reset and then re apply my wallpaper. Are you having that problem as well?