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Mar 13, 2018
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Got a work A32 which is dual sim and came with WhatsApp already installed.

Personal phone has just gone pop so put my home SIM in my work phone till I get a new one. All working fine.

WhatsApp on my home phone shows the option to add a second account (with the dual sims) but the install on my work phone doesn't show that option even though it has the same software release number.

Is this some sort of commercial option?

Thinking of backing up my messages, uninstalling and reinstalling - will I come unstuck?



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Dec 6, 2011
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It could be the difference in device, was your personal phone also a Samsung?

Samsung is known for Dual Messenger which allows users to have two social media accounts on the same device. Have you looked into this method?

It of course is not outside of the realm of possibilities that the company disabled this somehow. I've never heard of Samsung coming with WhatsApp pre-installed so they may have a version of the app installed that intentionally or unintentionally blocks this option. It never fails to amaze me what companies are capable of. Does the device have any special apps to help you access your company accounts or services? I don't recall the name of it right off but recently I wanted to use my company's Teams account for a meeting. Instead of simply allowing me to log in they wanted me to download an app, which then required me to agree to a bunch of terms and conditions which included access to this app remotely.

I found but did not watch this video about adding a second WhatsApp to a Samsung...
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