Galaxy A5 keeps on Scaninng for wifi, but cannot find any to connect with.

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Galaxy A5 keeps on Searching for wifi, but cannot find any to connect with & router is right next to it in same room.
Some times it shows one or two available network but even providing correct password it doesn't connect & keep on scanning.
Earlier it was working fine i just went out of Wifi coverage area and came back i started to have this problem...

Wondering if its a Software issue or Hadware or can it be fixed?

on the contraory i have tried every thing ON OFF, Forced reboot, resting network, factory rest but no use of anything.


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Feb 12, 2012
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If it finds the network, and doesn't connect even with the correct password, if you have a router, try setting it to no password (just for this test - all your other devices will get knocked off, so you're not endangering anything). If it connects, you've diagnosed something, but whether that's hardware of software is still unknown at that point. Then reset the router to the old password. Then forget the connection, let it find it again, and enter the password. If it connects, you're good.

If it doesn't connect, you have facts to give the repair shop when you bring it in for repair. (About all you can do is reflash the firmware - anything beyond that requires a repair shop.)