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Galaxy bud buzzing (malfunction) fix


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Sep 30, 2010
Just thought I'd make this post about a malfunction with the buds that I experienced this morning. I was listening to them in a train on my way home when all of a sudden they both go out and then left side started to buzz. I disconnected BT from my phone and put the buds back in their case but that didn't resolve the issue. Left bud kept buzzing whether I put them in or left them out of the case for 2 hours. I finally went in my Galaxy wearable app and found the 'reset buds' option and that cleared the buzzing sound from the buds. So if anyone finds themselves with this problem, just reset the buds in the Galaxy wearable app. Option is within the 'about earbuds' and then "reset buds'.

This YouTube video also mentions the problem and sound of the buzz in the bud.........